You Started This
Company on Your Own.
Let's Grow It Together.

We invest in & partner with stellar businesses that are run by customer service-first owners who are looking to expand.

We'll give you the capital to hire key people to meet demand, provide guidance, and grant you full access to our 7-figure marketing agencies (free of charge) to help your business grow.

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Who's Investing in You?

Growth Ninja Capital is comprised of investors who partner with & acquire minority stake in local Arizona service businesses to help them expand.

We're seasoned entrepreneurs with 30+ years of cumulative experience. We actively partner with you and have skin in the game so our incentives are aligned as we grow your company's bottom line. We're focused on growth and net profits all while maintaining the same quality and reputation you've become known for over the years.

Our Mission Is to Help Local Businesses Assemble the Team They Need to Expand & Create Big Picture Growth.

Most business owners in Arizona are too busy answering every phone call and running all the operations. They don't have time to focus on hiring, scaling, and meeting demand.

Here's how we can help:

  • Provide cash to grow & reinvest in your business however you see fit. You can use it to hire, lease a bigger location, acquire other businesses to expand, etc.
  • Assist in creating systems & processes so you can facilitate the hiring process and start taking things off your plate.
  • Our SEO & Facebook Ads agencies manage millions in profitable ad spend every year and clients pay us 6-figures annually to manage their ad networks.
    As our partners, you'll be granted access to the full capabilities of our ad agencies and its best people for free.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What value do you bring? Why should I partner with you?

    We've realized that we're in a unique position to scale far beyond most other local businesses in Arizona. Many businesses in the Valley provide a great service, but the owners are often working IN the business instead of ON the business.

    Over 90% of local businesses have the owner answering every call or worse yet... because the owner and the employees are spread too thin, they miss most of their calls and leave money on the table. Many of these companies never get to a point where they can hire an office manager, an operational manager, a dedicated customer service person, and strong salespeople. Instead, the owner's stuck working all day, every day and their bottom line remains stagnant.

    We know you likely already have more customers than you're able to handle. That's the problem most local businesses in AZ are facing (but no one is solving). That's actually the exact thing we're fixing for you. We want to help you meet that demand, expand, then scale up the marketing--remember, the companies we invest in get free ad management from our 7-figure ad agencies.

    As your minority partners, we'll work with you to create systems & processes, write you checks to make sure you have the funding you need, and accelerate your growth plans.

    We'll also be there to guide you and help you make tough decisions. We're not just your investors. We're your business partners with over 30 years of cumulative experience who are there when you need them.

  • How do you make money? What's in it for you?

    We're buying minority stakes in your company--so we have skin in the game--by providing you capital, mentorship, and our active work. We're financially compensated with net profit distributions, which means we're incentivized to help you grow intelligently and profitably.

    We would never push you to sell your company, but if you do decide later down the road to sell then we'd be paid out proportionally to our equity stake.

  • Why did you reach out to my company and why do you want to work with me?

    We want to partner with you because you’re great at what you do, your company has an excellent local reputation with good customer service, and you're open to expanding while maintaining that same great quality you've spent years building.

    Right now, there may be some sort of constraint that's limiting your growth. Often times, it's being unable to meet your current demand. We want to help you solve the demand issue and then potentially get bigger locations to scale up the sales & marketing side. That's the repeatable formula we want to implement with you.

  • How active will you be in my business? Do I work for you now?

    We'll provide our 7-figure SEO & Facebook Ads agencies for free. We'll write you checks. Ideally, we'd also offer guidance on how to manage growth & scale, but you're entirely in control when it comes to how actively involved you'd like us to be.

    You don't work for us and you're still 100% the boss. We simply want to assist you on an as needed basis.

  • Are you open to buying my business?

    For the right company, yes. We're interested in full acquisitions of businesses that cash flow at least $500K per year. Click here to learn more about selling your business.

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