Why I’m the Right Buyer For Your Business

I want to acquire a local company in Arizona from a seller who deeply cares about how well their team will be treated by the new owner. I want to buy from an entrepreneur who wants to know that the new owner will do everything to make sure the company's reputation and legacy continues to mean high quality service and reliable.

I've been running my performance-based Facebook Ads agency, Growth Ninja, since 2015 and I've focused exclusively on online businesses, but I've always been adamant about working with businesses in a more local & tangible way.

Why am I lending everything I've learned over the past 9 years and implementing my network & skills onto a brick and mortar environment? Why not just stay 100% digital? It's because I'm seeing so many transferable innovations & opportunities that I can bring to the table thanks to everything I've seen in the digital space. There are so many low hanging fruits at the local level that I'd love to tackle with the help of your incredibly strong team you've developed over the years.

Post-sale, the door will always be opened to you. The team you've created and I will be more than happy to find ways to include you in our success.

Hopefully, I'll hear from you soon. You can reach me by phone, email, or LinkedIn below.


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